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The first full length LP to come out of C.R.P. Studios, also the a major album in KEYS' musical journey...we are calling this one...The Transition.


released April 20, 2013

Recorded by Melissa Benson
Mixed and mastered by Shane Russell
Graphic Art Done by Melissa Benson

Features in order are
C-Note $taccz of Three Kings Ent
Wyte Gold
30-30 0f Three Kings Ent
Du Rite of Proper NonSense



all rights reserved


KEYS Poughkeepsie, New York

i am everything


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Track Name: Asthma-Intro
They say im dickin em down yet
im slick and stay sicker than cows
when they had to be mad im proud then
the potions commotion is revin me loud and

i never be needin the everest feeling
im clever and keepin it deadily with evenings
and whether they see me
or believe me im
tampering endevors for greedy

tactics this rap shits fantastic when ur good at it
a hood rat is a hood addict
and sucks a dick well shes a wood savage

im feelin like a pyscho might
just be a michael night
knife slice then leekin out like my life MY

Raps are obiese with it
caps are get release to this
half n then complete
when this rap beat unleashes
and travis is genuis
the barker beats harder than
markers that are leakin plasma
ive started to breathe like i have developed asthma

gasp gasp gasp gaspin for air
never be grabbin the tare
when massive compared to faggots that stare
they say my nine flow
shines like light bulbs
divine like my shows
in time theyll find i might blow

I hit the stage they grittin they teeth
im packin a blade im ready to feast
just like a parade im leading a team
im sick like the aids infectious with my regime

so check the doors make sure they locked
and keep your eyes shut

given one more when i stay rough and thats my luck

the beatll just bump
and im evil enough
to kill people with stuff
and then even the snuff
to the buff and im ruff all u punks that
think i am not obnxious and TOUGH

i fin to be faster than masters with packages
lackin the proper skills to be a batterin
babblin bastard saddle the gravel
and dabble n challenege the capitan

incompitant rompin with slobs on the knob a bit
stop me with monster gift bars of this'
harder shit
far from the darker spit
yard of the inadequent
somebody farted and it stinks
in other words somebody sharted shit

i will not grab ya
ya lady i will stab her
and keep my rappin fasta
the all of you weakened bastards
i had ta
lay the bars with a fraction
of hard i am the master n rap like i have developed asthma
Track Name: Fuck All Rebel
Im a fuck all rebel
a buck shot devil
smoke pot alot mom
yep on another level
i say nope to dope
then i elope with coke
and i can cope with smoke
but then my flow gets so zoned

high champaion iron fist
when i mashin em
down and stampin em to the ground my anthem is found
the mental patients on a mental vacation
im the rebel punk hop music yep blastin thru every station
a middle finger in they face
im a rapper not a singer
thats why im a linger when i hit the meanest stage
i got the 16 rage
im a fly guy
not im a white guy hot
as a fry pod
blastin thru everyones i pod
yep thats the way it goes
spray at hoes
layin foes
to graves with stones
and ravin with some major folks
im all about the paper doe
and anything im cravin yo
a fuck all rebel means my carings at a major low

im a fuck all rebel

so whos the newest dude tell em i said fuck his mother
im a rude fool
im a foul mutherfucker
they think they buff but im buffer
they think they tough but im tougher they think they rough
but one buck to the nuts and theyll suffer
im an all year man
not a ball cleared fan
with an small clear glance'
im not a bald queer man
im not caring when they staring
at my atomsphere
im not aaron so kick that faggot right outta here
lets hit the home run
Cryme Rate had em glued to their seats when we hit beats
we rip the fuckin flow up
even the floor yup
thats shit got tore up
we bash debbies n donnas and leave em with soar guts

so whats more to come
besides me
im morbid and theyll find me
rockin tours but always support my high street
thats where it all started
now the whole worlds a target
but im not worried
you think im stressin you ratarded cuz

Last but not least
my raps is concrete
my cash is promptly
added to the army
we runnin shit and this worlds because of it
and the girls they lovin it
the way that im a fuckin dick!!!
i spew jizz in they eyes
the new kids are alive
the CR status is badest when they hit with a 5
but outta 10 thats shows only 50 percent
and we 51-50 we nuts and lovin it
so check the sound scan
the charts i aint hittin
but fuck that i aim high
and claim the game for days kitten
theynthink my fame is the reason i have a name strickin
with rage cuz the game regects shane as a player in it
so open ya ears and and catch the memo
the desired percentage requires keys to get leaded
and then spit red flows
from suburbs to the getto
from nikes all the wat to stilletos
from sky scrapers to meadows
im a fuck all rebel